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Your home-owner’s policy requires you to provide prompt notice after a loss. Florida courts have stated that “notice is necessary when there has been an occurrence that should lead a reasonable and prudent [person] to believe that a claim for damages would arise.”
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Interior floor tiles often suffer damage from a covered loss however the damage itself may not be obvious to the untrained eye. For example, in the unfortunate event of moisture intrusion beneath a floor or wall tile from a plumbing leak or roof leak, the mortar adhesion may be compromised. This will cause the tile...
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Most property insurance policies require “physical loss or damage” to insured property as a threshold requirement for coverage. In most property damage losses, this requirement is easily met. Fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes will cause, among other things, structural damage to the building while plumbing line ruptures will warp floors, baseboards, cabinets, and walls. There may...
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