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Your home-owner’s policy requires you to provide prompt notice after a loss. Florida courts have stated that “notice is necessary when there has been an occurrence that should lead a reasonable and prudent [person] to believe that a claim for damages would arise.”
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After suffering the devastation of sudden and accidental damage to your property, you should make sure to gather as much documentation as possible. If possible, be sure to take photographs and videos depicting the damage, especially if the damage is repaired prior to the insurance company’s inspection of your property. It is also helpful to...
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In order to understand whether or not you have a covered insurance claim, it is important to first understand what kind of “events” are generally covered under a general homeowner’s insurance claim. An “all-risk” policy pays for losses from damage to property when the cause of damage was direct, sudden and accidental and is not excluded from your policy. An “all-risk” policy covers all perils (causes...
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