Florida Bar Applicants Petition to Practice Without Taking the Bar Exam

Florida Chief Justice Charles Canady issued a statement apologizing to bar applicants and recognized the negligence of officials in charge of the exam which led more than 50 Florida attorneys and Florida Bar applicants to file a petition with the state’s high court asking for an emergency rule that would permit recent law graduates to practice without having to pass the bar exam. Florida Bar Examiners issued a statement regarding the development of a program that would allow applicants to work under the supervision of a member of the Florida Bar for the time being. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exam was set to take place online but was canceled after problems with the testing software. The exam cancellation had several law students worried whether or not their prospective job offers would still be available and how they would pay for their expenses while they wait for a new exam date to be released. So far, other states such as Utah, Washington, Oregon and Louisiana have agreed to let recent law school graduates practice law without taking the bar due to the unforeseen circumstances that have been brought upon us with the COVID-19 pandemic. On August 24th, the Florida Supreme Court stated that all students who have not been able to take the exam will be allowed to work under the supervision of a licensed attorney until one month after the February 2021 bar exam results are released.




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