Vandalism Insurance Claims

When parking your car in a risky area you always have to consider the possible vandalism that might occur such as keyed cars, broken windows, and smashed headlights. Vandalism can be one of the most infuriating car insurance claims, especially if it was done intentionally by someone seeking revenge. In order to determine whether or not your insurance policy will cover any vandalism damages, you first need to make sure if you purchased the comprehensive coverage. To check and see if you purchased this coverage, you need to review your declaration page and see if a dollar amount is listed under comprehensive or other than collision coverage. Filing a vandalism claim can be simple but time consuming. Your first step when filing a claim for a vandalized car would be obtaining a police report to issue to your insurance company. The second step would be to call your insurance agent who will help you process this claim. Next, you will need to speak with a claims adjuster to examine and document all the damages done to your vehicle. Lastly, you will take your vehicle in for a repair at a body shop who will guarantee their work through your insurance company which leaves you with paying on the deductible. Depending on how you set up your insurance policy at the time you added your vehicle, your deductible may vary.




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