How to Handle Hurricane Season and COVID-19

Dealing with hurricanes in Florida is already a difficult task, so adding a pandemic to the mix can make things even more difficult. FEMA is hosting webinars on their website which can be found on the link below. These webinars are currently open for registration and will help spread awareness and comprehension of the COVID-19 pandemic operational guidance for the 2020 hurricane season and the exercise starter kits for preparedness in a pandemic. The pandemic operational guidance breaks down information that state, local, tribal and territorial officials can use in response to a hurricane and how the recovery process should follow. Some of the risks that we need to be prepared for consist of flooding, tornadoes, and wildfires. In conjunction with the operational guidance, the exercise starter kits were developed to supply individuals or organizations with documents that can be used to conduct exercises, workshops and tabletops to evaluate their readiness for every hazard that might come their way. FEMA clearly states that these materials are to be adapted and customized by the individual or organization in order to meet their needs when it comes to preparing for these hazards.




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