Prompt Notice and Insurance Company Contact Information

Your home-owners policy requires you to provide prompt notice after a loss. Florida courts have stated that “[n]otice is necessary when there has been an occurrence that should lead a reasonable and prudent [person] to believe that a claim for damages would arise.” Notice is prompt when a homeowner provides notice to the insurer “with reasonable dispatch and within a reasonable time in view of all of the facts and circumstances of a particular case.”

For ease of reference, please find below contact information for most major property insurance companies in Florida:

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance800-425-9113954-958-1200  
Citizens Property Insurance Corporation866.411.2742  
Security First Insurance(877) 581-4862  
Federated National Insurance(800) 293-2532  
Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance1-855-415-7120  
American Integrity Insurance of Florida1-866-277-9871  
United Property & Casualty Insurance888-256-3378  
St Johns Insurance877-748-2059  
Homeowners Choice Property& Casualty Insurance(813) 405-3600
Tower Hill Prime (a Tower Hill Insurance Company)800.342.3407  
People’s Trust Insurance877-333-1230  
ASI Preferred (a Progressive Company)866-274-5677  
United Services Automobile Association (USAA)800-531-8722  
Florida Peninsula Insurance(866) 549-9672  
American Bankers Insurance1-800-765-9700  
Ark Royal (an ASI Company- related to #12 also)866-ASI-LOSS  
Tower Hill Signature Insurance800.342.3407  
Olympus Insurance866.281.2242  
Safe Harbor Insurance866-896-7233  
Castle Key Insurance727.456.1673  
Safepoint Insurance855-CLAIM15  
Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance877-560-5224  


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