Photographs and Video Evidence

Photographs are always a great tool to show your insurance company the damages as they were when the event happened. Photographs are especially important should you need to complete repairs prior to the insurance company having an opportunity to inspect the property. This occurrence happens regularly in rental properties where tenants need their residences repaired immediately. When taking photographs of damaged building materials or personal property, make sure to capture images from both wide and zoomed angles so it can be easily referenced by the insurance company’s desk adjuster who would not have inspected your property. We advise you, to the extent that is reasonable, you retain any damaged building materials such as broken pipes or roof tiles in addition to taking photographs of them. Should you witness the event leading to your insurance claim as it is happening, such as a water supply line leak or roof failure during a storm, it is a good idea to take a short video of the event to document the actual occurrence. Unless you are not alone, be sure to only briefly record the event so that, as soon as it is safe, you may begin preventing the problem from getting worse. Once you have taken the photographs or videos, make sure to save them on your computer and also online to assure they will never be lost. This can easily be achieved by emailing the attachments to yourself or uploading onto a cloud base software such as Google Docs or Dropbox.

Fair Claims Law also recommends you regularly take a photographic inventory of your property before the event. Since it is impossible to predict when your home may suffer such damage, it is advisable to perform such inventory once or twice a year so that when the inevitable claim does occur, you’ll have plenty of evidence demonstrating that the damages did not pre-exist the event nor were a product of a long term leak or wear and tear. When preparing this inventory, you should photograph or video each bedroom, window, bathroom, hallway, and closet. Also, be sure to photograph or video the inside of all kitchen cabinets and vanities, especially in areas where pipes are located.


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